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The time has gone when we needed to charge our phones all night long for the next day and hope that we don’t end up using our phones enough to discharge the battery. Many a time, you might have used the entire battery capacity of your phone while performing the daily activities. Sometimes, even important calls can get missed because the phone getting drained of power. Also, there might be emergency situations in which you need to access the phone and because of the lack of battery you just couldn’t.

Thus, to avoid this situation of a dead or low battery, technological advancement gave birth to power banks. Power banks allow users to charge their phones when and where they want every time their phones run out of battery at any point of the day. Portable power banks as the name suggests can be taken anywhere along with you where you think you might need some extra juice.

There are a lot of companies offering different power banks with different specifications, and to get yourself the best, you need to know more about them.

What you should know

Power banks are different and are specially made for different people with different battery consumptions. You need to buy the power bank best suiting your battery need and consumption.

Different power banks can charge your phones differently and to a particular extent. Some may charge your phone full or some may charge your phone half and get discharged.

1. Milliampere Capacity
Different power banks have a different amount of electrons in them and they charge your phones different when we talk about extents.

If a power bank has more mAh capacity, it has a possibility to charge your phone fully whereas, a power bank having lesser milliampere capacity might charge your phone halfway through.

2. Voltage
To have enough capacity to charge your phones quickly is not the only requirement a power bank needs to fulfill. The voltage emits through the wires, determine the efficiency of the charge. Which actually means, the times it takes to charge your phone. Only that power bank should be preferred that has the ability to charge your phone quickly.

3. USB ports
If you have multiple devices, you would want to for a power bank which would have two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. Mostly power banks having higher milliampere capacities have the ability to charge two devices without getting discharged.

4. Size
As the name suggests, portable power banks should be portable if not anything. You would want your power bank to be as portable as possible so that you get the freedom to carry it anywhere and everywhere.

A portable charger will give you the allowance to charge your phone and where your phone needs a charge.

5. Price
Price is a very important aspect if you are in the market to buy anything. There are a lot of portable power banks offering different features at different prices, so you need to get the best features at the best price.

You would never want to pay a fortune for features which are available at a very nominal price in the market.

So, after knowing everything you need to know before making your purchase, let’s get going with the list of 10 best power banks. Keep reading!

Best Portable Power Banks Under $20

10. Pisen Wireless Presenter 2500mAh Power Bank
This power bank offers 2500 mAh of the battery which is almost okay and might charge your phone half if you have a phone with a 5000 mAh battery. To add to its benefits as a power bank, it is also a laser light which emits 2.4 GHz of the laser. This feature might be come in handy if you are working official and need to present projects often. It comes in with an 18 months warranty and this might be a plus point for this device.

The drawback may be that the laser light does not function on LCD screens.

9. Anker PowerCore+ mini, 3350mAh Portable Charger
This power bank comes in with a 3350 mAh battery which might be quite enough to charge your phone’s battery more than half and you will be available for you to complete all your tasks. As the name, portable charger, its name defines it, because it is a very very compact device of fewer than 4 inches. It offers you 18 months of warranty and is quite decent looking.

The only drawback that it has is that its functionality is not trustable after the warranty period is over.

Best Portable Power Banks Under $30

8. Anker PowerCore 10000
It offers you a huge 10000 mAh of the battery which capable of charging your device twice without draining out its battery. With this charger, you would never ever have to worry about charging your phone again. This bank is compatible with both, apple and android which gives it a plus point over others. It offers you 18 months of warranty and covers all the damages.

The drawback it has is that the cables to charge an Apple device through this power bank, you would need to buy cables separately

Best Portable Power Banks Under $50

7. Power Banks RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger.
This comes with a huge 22000 mAh of battery, I would not even mention how many times it might charge your phone because it will take a lot of maths. This charger offers you three charging ports which means you can charge three devices at the same time.

The drawback it has is that it takes up a lot of time in order to charge a device. If you are okay with this one drawback, you are good to go for this one.

6. Solar Charger BERNET 24000mAh High Capacity Portable Power Bank
It comes with a large 24000 mAh battery which might charge your phone or a device several times without draining itself. It offers you three ports which typically means, that you can charge three devices at once. The unique feature about this power bank is that it has the capability to charge itself by solar energy which can save up to 8 percent electricity.

This charger is more prone to being damaged than other power banks.

Best Portable Power Banks Under $75

5. Battery Pack RAVPower 26800 Portable Charger 26800mAh Power Bank
It comes with a 26800 mAh battery which can help you charge many devices at once with no disturbances. It comes with three ports which facilitates charging three devices at once. It comes with a long 30 months of warranty.

The drawback that it comes with is that it is a bit larger than most of the other power banks.

Best Portable Power Banks Under $150

4. Kinkoo® Infinite One 8000mAh Ultra-slim Premium Portable Charger and External Battery
It comes with a 26800 mAh which is sufficient for all your charging needs. With this bank, you would never have to look for a charging point ever again. It comes with two USB charging cables. And it provides you with an 18 months warranty.

If you have more trouble spending a fortune on a power bank, this is the one for you because it is rather expensive.

3. Crave powerpack CRVPP101 50000 mAh Ultra-High Density Portable Power Bank
With a power capacity of 50000 mAh, this is a complete package of all the power you need to get your things done. It includes 12 and 20 volts of connections for you to charge your laptops. It has four USB ports to add to its qualities.

Its drawback is that it isn’t very light and does not fulfill the need of being portable.

Best Portable Power Banks Under $250

2. Portable 27000mAh 85W / 110V Battery Pack by ChargeTech
Comes with a capacity of 27000 mAh and can charge all your devices without draining itself. It also includes 110V AC outlet and is related to 85 W.

The drawback is that it is too heavy to being carried in a pocket hence, it does not fulfill the need of being portable.

Best Portable Power Banks Under $350

1. Portable 42000mAh 250W / 110V Battery Pack by ChargeTech
Its huge 42000 mAh battery capacity can come in handy for your battery needs. This powerful power bank can charge each of your without draining itself. It has a 110V AC outlet and rated up to 250 W.

With all the other good things about it, there is only one drawback that this package of features costs a fortune. But, if you are in the market for the best, this one’s for you.

Conclusion: The above discussion makes clear that selecting a power bank should be a thoughtful decision. For this, you need to figure out your requirements first and choose the out that suits your needs and budget the most. We hope that this list will help you out to select the best power bank so that your smartphone never runs out of juice.